Half man, half horseall research.

The Research Centaur helps independent studios realize their game development dreams.

We offer user experience & quality assurance (UX+QA) services for original games.

What makes us special? We’re…

Focused on Unique, Innovative Games from Independent Studios
Our services are built for independent games. 

We’ve worked with great developers on great projects:

… and more!

Our testers have an average of 6.5 years experience, and we take on a limited number of clients each year to ensure the best possible service.

The Next Best Thing to an Internal Team
We’re available to chat with our clients via Slack, IM, phone, email, or whichever chat client your team prefers, with always-on chat connectivity while your project is in test.  Get the benefit of an internal team with the flexibility of an external one.

We provide technical services like compliance, automated testing, and Quality of Service checks, have high bug writing standards, and screencap and video capture issues.

Working On Popular Platforms
We support for most popular consoles like the PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PSVita as well as PC/Steam and iOS devices.
Flexible, Custom & Full Service
We build a custom test plan and package for each client. Use our bug tracking and secure file transfer system with unlimited developer accounts and log-ins, or we can seamlessly integrate into your established workflow.