Learn more about our principal team members.


Jay Fernandes

Test Manager (QA + UX)

Extensive experience planning & managing projects for developers across mobile, PC, & consoles. Works span large AAA & small indie titles, building multiple QA departments/teams from the ground up. Also creates games and music/SFX for games in his spare time.

Senior Technical Specialists

Joshua Palmer
Compatibility & Tools Specialist

10+ years of QA experience, with 5 of those years as a developer-embedded compliance tester. Tools and code/data wizard. In his spare time runs a computer and laptop donation, building, repair, and maintenance charity.


Mason Zedaker
QA Specialist

10 years in software Quality Assurance with in depth and broad experience on a huge range of game titles. 18 year pro-wrestling veteran and living encyclopedia of Videogame history and trivia.


John Michaud
Compliance Specialist

7+ years in Quality Assurance with experience from AAA games to Indie games. Multiple “First Pass” submissions under his belt. Likes to create and sculpt 3D designer toys in his spare time.


Lucia Aldana
QA Specialist

6+ Years in Quality Assurance with a knack for what we call “killin’ it”. Our rock for support and customer service and always brings the tastiest food to the office. Loves to program and write her own games.


Additional Team Members

Our QA test team has an average of 6.5 years testing experience, spanning functionality, PC, console, compliance, and compatibility specializations.

In addition to running tech for the lab and scheduling participants, our usability team has extensive game development knowledge.