Supported Platforms

We provide user testing and usability consulting services for video games, websites, and consumer applications.

Our lab supports the following platforms:


The Research Centaur offers user experience research and Quality Assurance services (UX+QA) for video games, board games, websites, and mobile applications. Contact us for a custom package and quote!

Our user experience research services include:

We’ll analyze real users experiencing your product, and provide you with recordings, visualizations, and reports. Usability testing will help you find difficulty spikes, areas where users critically misunderstand mechanics, UI or menu concerns, and other issues. Playtesting will help you understand how gamers experience your product: if it is fun, engaging, and worth buying at your targeted price point.
Usability professionals will review your product, identifying usability or accessibility concerns.
Independent developers located in San Diego can rent our high-tech usability lab by the hour, and moderate their own playtests. Includes an audio-visual technician and recordings of your sessions. Please inquire with us for more information!