QA supported platforms

We provide quality assurance testing for video games, websites, and consumer applications.

Our QA department supports the following platforms:


QA Services

The Research Centaur offers user experience research and Quality Assurance services (UX+QA) for video games, websites, and mobile applications. Contact us for a custom package and quote!

Our Quality Assurance (QA) services include:

Comprehensive Pre-Release Testing
We’ll perform testing to prepare your product for submission and release. Intended for titles without in-house testers, or with a small team. Functionality and online testing, basic compatibility (for PCs), and compliance (for consoles) included.
Risk Assessment Sweeps
We’ll sweep a single build for defects, with risk assessments for each. Intended to supplement in-house testing and provide “fresh eyes” for your product.
Functionality & Online Testing
Comprehensive testing, sweeping for critical errors, progression, graphics, sound/music, UI/menus, English-language text, and more.
Compliance Testing for Consoles (XR, TRC)
Naming conventions, mastering, user experience, and technical requirements for PlayStation and Xbox products.
Post-Release Support & Moderation
If you don’t have a support ticket system or aren’t checking your platform forums, you’re missing out on a rich source of community feedback and bugs for future titles or patches. Protect your investment by contracting us to collect data on and respond to technical or defect reports. For titles implementing user-generated content, we also have extensive experience with content moderation on a variety of platforms.
Presentations & Consulting
Teach your team with one of our informative presentations, to be delivered on-site or via webinar. Contact us for a list of currently available topics and rates.