What’s Coming up for The Research Centaur in 2017!

April 7, 2017 Jay F. Uncategorized

Wowzers we have been super busy lately! With celebrating the amazing accomplishments of our old friends and making new ones, we’ve barely had time to talk about anything else. So what are we doing? What do Centaurs do throughout the year? Do they hibernate? All this and more if you keep reading!

Stuff, more stuff, no. Alright now that’s out of the way so let’s talk more about this year, 2017:

We’ll be at Sony’s Devcon this year if you’d like to say hi or talk to our staff about job opportunities! We’re excited it’s being hosted in our home town and hope top meet some cool people (and learn some cool things!). We’ll also be attending Comic Con and PAX West (in conjunction with The Behemoth). We probably won’t be cosplaying but we should definitely be hanging around The Behemoth booth and talking about Pit People (or some other games we’ve done). We have been working really hard on some amazing games for this year (but we can’t talk about them yet!) so keep an eye out and maybe we’ll see you in the credits 😉

What else? We’re always looking for cool talent so check our careers page if you’re interested in working with us. We’re also revamping our blog and social media so look forward to more information about UX+QA in games, as well as other things we hope people find interesting.