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December 31, 2016 Jay F. Announcements


That’s it! It’s official, 2016 is over! What a year it’s been for us here at The Research Centaur, marked with challenges and changes both great and small for our team. From getting to work with some truly fantastic and talented developers, to the seemingly endless fan-packed conventions that we had the privilege of attending. That’s not even counting the multitude of public and private betas we hosted for the Behemoth’s next game: Pit People. This year has been non-stop!

Glasses Raised

What we do at The Research Centaur is a complex question to answer, we have many hats that we wear on a daily basis. One of the aspects of our job is to help developers take the final steps in shipping their titles. It’s a lot of work, but it is rewarding to work with some of the industries best and brightest. So before we go any further, we would like to take a moment to thank the wonderful developers who entrusted us with their games’ livelihood.


Which games you ask?


Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

As mentioned previously, we love us some conventions (and this year was no exception!). We’re always assisting our giant chicken friends, from PAX to Rooster Teeth Expo to San Diego Comic Con, if you were there, we probably high-fived you (or at least tried). The Behemoth’s booths are always the source of great traffic jams and wondrous Theme Park-esque lines, so much so that attempting to put into words ‘the feels’ that we get when interfacing with everyone – well it just feels wrong. Below we have picked out a few of our favorite moments from this year’s conventions, tweet us @researchcentaur with your favorite moments and share in the greatness!


SDCC – Day 2


RTX – Day 2


SDCC – Day 4

Pit People

When we aren’t working on other developer’s games or running around the country like maniacs, we try to find some time to work on The Behemoth’s next game: Pit People. What a year it’s been for The Behemoth’s fourth title. In addition to the QA and UX work we do on the game, we also help run all public and private betas across multiple platforms. *Huff huff* This year The Behemoth tried something new and with the help of Discord, (Shout out to the Discord devs, you folks make a mighty fine product!) we were able to host and interact with a frothing sea of colorful, helpful beta testers who clambered relentlessly to get a taste of the next big thing from the giant chicken. Below are some of our favorite moments from all of Pit People’s beta tests. More amazing stuff is around the corner in 2017!


Fun times with Discord – Pit People public beta

Dan + devs playing pit people beta “that duck sound”

Dan “rainbow horses leave a mess”


Well that’s it for us here at The Research Centaur. 2016 has been a blast, we had a great time working with some amazing people dedicated to creating rich and fulfilling user experiences and 2017 looks to be on course for more of the same! Thank you to all of our friends and partners and all of our fans, we will see you on the other side!

The Research Centaur – Behemoth Holiday Party 2016

—Written by Bobby Cleveland (with assistance from Joe Mitchell, Mason Zedaker, and Jay Fernandes)—-

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