Summer Gamin’ – Had Us a Blast

September 10, 2015 Skyla at The Research Centaur Our Projects

Summer is officially over (except in San Diego, but we won’t rub it in)! We’ve spent the last few months helping some awesome games get out into the wild. Here’s what we’ve been up to since April.

Transistor (iOS)

Released June 2015 Supergiant Games

This beloved sci-fi action RPG is now available for iOS! We had a great time helping bring Transistor to a new audience.

The Magic Circle (Steam)

Released July 2016 by Question Games

Creativity is the key in this unconventional puzzle game! Seize your powers and the tools of game development to progress through the world and build something unique along the way. Check out The Magic Circle on Steam.

N++ (PS4)

Released July 2015 by Metanet Software

N++ is a fast-paced, action-packed puzzle platformer, now available for PS4. Play as a ninja and conquer thousands of levels, sure to test even the most seasoned platformer veterans.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime (Xbox One/Steam)

Released September 2015 By Asteroid Base

Asteroid Base is the latest recipient in The Behemoth’s Golden Egg Project for Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time. “Lovers” is a frantic couch co-op game where you work together to save planets, explore the galaxy, and fight evil robots.  Check it out!

Super Time Force Ultra (PS4)

Released September 2015 by Capybara Games

Travel through time, explode robots, save the world, and something about a skateboard-riding dinosaur?! It was a blast helping bring STFU to the PS4!

Castle Crashers Remastered (Xbox One)

Released September 2015 By The Behemoth

With a new generation of consoles, it was time that Castle Crashers get a little facelift. And that 60 FPS is so buttery smooth, you’ll forget what life was like without it. Castle Crashers Remastered launched for Xbox One on September 9, 2015.

PAX Prime

August 2015

We joined our compadres at The Behemoth for an amazing PAX Prime in Seattle, WA. And, we were next door neighbors to some other kick-butt indie devs like Supergiant Games and Asteroid Base!

Congratulations to all of the developers who launched games this summer!

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