Here are just a few of our projects and clients.
We look forward to helping you, too.

Thekla, Inc.:
The Witness (Xbox One)


Ska Studios:
Salt and Sanctuary (PlayStation®4 / Steam)


Campo Santo:
Firewatch (PlayStation®4/Steam)


“I never want to ship a game without TRC again. They’re efficient, thorough and a joy to work with; which is exactly what you need when you’re trying to ship a game, especially on a console.”

-Sean Vanaman, Campo Santo 

Supergiant Games:
Bastion (iOS/PlayStation®4)  |  Transistor (PlayStation®4/Steam/iOS)


“We’ve worked with TRC on both Bastion and Transistor for both functional and compliance testing across eight versions of our games. All throughout, TRC have been communicative and thorough, with good instincts around both game quality and certification. At this point, we wouldn’t attempt to ship a game without running it through them first”

-Supergiant Games 

Heart Machine:
Hyper Light Drifter (PlayStation®4/ Steam/Xbox One)   

“…Your team is incredible!”

-Alex Preston, Heart Machine

Capybara Games:
Super Time Force (Xbox One/PlayStation®4)


Asteroid Base:
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Xbox One/Steam)


Brace Yourself Games:
Crypt of the Necrodancer (PlayStation®4/PS Vita)


N++ (PlayStation®4)
Metanet logos

Papers, Please (iPad)


The Magic Circle (Steam)

The Magic Circle on Steam

“It became very clear early on that our small team would not be able to meet the QA needs of our game with its numerous interconnected features and wildly varied space of possible permutations for each new feature that we added. Research Centaur allowed us to ship much sooner and with a more stable game than we could have done on our own without their services.

The quality of their bug reports is higher than most of the in-house QA I’ve worked with, and they are very professional in their communications at every stage. At first, we were concerned that our limited budget would not allow contracting external QA, but they are used to working with indies and are extremely proactive about ensuring that your paid time goes towards periods of maximum output from them through the use of flexible scheduling that works with your own development cycle.”
Kain Shin, Question



“The testing at The Research Centaur was extensive and very helpful to Apotheon’s game design and usability.”
– Lee Vermeulen, Alientrap

E McNeill:
Darknet (Oculus Rift)


“They did a great job of offering a manageable set of intelligent suggestions (several of which went straight into my to-do list) without making me feel like they were intruding on my territory as game designer.

“Overall, I was impressed with the amount of work, skill, and experience that went into the whole process.”
– E McNeill, E McNeill Games (from Post-Mortem)

Dissident Logic:
Paperbound (PlayStation®4/Steam)


The Behemoth:
Alien Hominid | SSMM + PDA Games  |  Castle Crashers  |  BattleBlock Theater

Eyebrow Interactive:
closure | bombernauts