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The Research Centaur offers user experience & quality assurance (UX+QA) testing.

Half man, half horse — all research. We help independent developers realize their game development dreams.

What makes us special? We’re…

Focused on Small, Mid-Size & Independent Studios
Our services are built for independent games. We work with one-man, small, and mid-size studios. We take on a boutique approach, accepting a limited number of clients per year to ensure the best service.
Cost Effective
We work within your budget, with a competitive hourly rate for QA projects and a per-test rate for usability.
Cutting Edge
We support platforms like the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.
Our testers have an average of 6.5 years experience. We’ve worked with great developers on great projects.
Flexible, Customizable & Full Service
Unlimited development team members and log-ins using our bug tracking or secure file transfer system, or yours. We build a custom test plan and package for each client.

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